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“BL&S professionals have helped take the Fenway Park experience to new heights of audio enjoyment.”
– Dr. Charles Steinberg, Senior Advisor to the President/CEO, Boston Red Sox
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Live events production services ::

Boston Light & Sound® is the go-to source for exceptional sound and presentation for marquee events, such as annual meetings, conventions, private parties, commencement addresses, and music festivals. Our agile team can work directly with an organization or event planner to execute their vision for the event, or work hand in hand with a production company. We support clients’ needs for virtual events with live streaming services.


As experienced project planners, we seamlessly bring together all the equipment and staff for every audiovisual need. We’re there from project inception through installation, optimizing, and on-site support throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. Recent projects include:


Services include:

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Technical management and support staff
  • Remote live streaming
  • Virtual events
  • Optimized sound reinforcement
  • Multi-channel audio and sources
  • Digital audio and sound processing
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video projection and display
  • Audiovisual presentation support
  • Video screen blending
  • Lighting
  • LED walls

    Clients include:

    • Corporations
    • Universities
    • Arts and nonprofit organizations, such as museums and houses of worship
    • Entertainers
    • Production companies
    • Live event planners
    • Festival organizers
    • Brand experience firms



    Live streaming and virtual events ::

    The Boston Light & Sound (BL&S) team supports corporate clients, colleges and universities, houses of worship, and e-sports programs with an array of live streaming and multicasting services. These services have become especially popular during the pandemic as a way to connect with constituents safely. From corporate board meetings to special masses, our virtual events team produces remote and hybrid (a combination of remote and in-person) gatherings. Most recently, the team has created immersive experiences through socially-distanced indoor and outdoor events such as annual town meetings, corporate presentations, drive-in movie series and graduation ceremonies.


    Learn more.


    BL&S Remote live streaming for events



    Full-service video production capabilities ::

    Corporations, universities, churches, and nonprofits alike turn to BL&S for full-service video production capabilities. Our team enjoys creating compelling video experiences to help:

    • Strengthen your brand
    • Connect with your target audience
    • Increase revenues


    During the pandemic, organizations rely on video even more to keep people engaged. Whether you’re looking to make your fundraising gala shine or to drive more organic site traffic to your business, our team is here to help.


    We make the process seamless, from collaborating with you on creative ideas to executing every detail, including developing scripts, shooting and editing video, and managing production. Single- and multi-cam videos can be created at our virtual studio or the location of your choice.


    Check out some of our latest video production work.



    Lighting ::

    Versatile, state-of-the-art lighting equipment is available for rent, adding a new visual element to your next big event. BL&S rents the latest in wireless uplighting, concert, and general stage lighting, including:

    • Battery-powered Echo Cubes
    • ETC ColorSource® LEKOs luminaires
    • LED PARs

    Our specialty lighting team is also available to install lighting equipment for events, including live bands, parties, and corporate gatherings.



    Video screen blending ::

    Behind-the-scenes preview: Dreamy audio plays while beautiful footage of regionally-appropriate waves and whales flows across the ceiling of the event tent to set the mood for the Provincetown Film Festival's 20th Anniversary Celebration.




    L’Acoustics technology ::

    Our highly trained staff can set up, tune, and operate the very latest L’Acoustics technology—providing you with optimal audio coverage in a compact footprint for any venue from ballrooms to arenas. An exceptionally high-end system, L’Acoustics is the ideal choice for those with discerning taste in audio.


    View Specs - KARA System Modular WST® Line Source [PDF]



    Get started with live events::

    For more information about live events production services, contact Ryan Brush, Live Events Dept. Manager at 617.787.3131, ext. 117 or at


    Download BL&S Live Event Production Services [PDF]



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    Live streaming for virtual events-BL&S can help


    President Obama’s speech at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross

    President Obama’s speech at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross

    (Photo: George Martell)


    Boston College Arts Festival 2021

    Boston College’s BC Arts Festival 2021


    PIFF 20th celebration video mapping - HBO logo

    Provincetown Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary Celebration - video screen blending


    Jansport Bonfire Celebration Event

    Jansport Bonfire Celebration Event on Boston’s Greenway


    Live streaming for virtual events-BL&S can help


    Coolidge pop-up drive-in theatre series - Medfield

    Coolidge Corner pop-up drive-in theatre series - Medfield State Hospital Grounds


    MA State House address

    MA State House address


    CB2 store after-hours event – lighting set-up

    CB2 store after-hours event – lighting set-up


    CB2 store after-hours event performance – lighting set-up

    CB2 store after-hours event performance – lighting


    College graduation




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    For more information about
    live events production services or
    live streaming services for remote events, contact:
    Ryan Brush,
    Live Events Dept. Manager

    617.787.3131, ext. 117