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Welcome to the Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) 70mm Technical Support Headquarters. Please visit the following links for technical data for installers and projectionists.


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For questions and comments pertaining to 70mm projection issues, visit our 70mm Projection Discord Channel.




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Watch one projectionist’s timelapse view of “The Hateful Eight” roadshow from the booth. Andrew Walker notes, “I was lucky enough to be one of the projectionists to work on the 70mm roadshow for The Hateful Eight and this is what I captured during the 59 showings the film over the course of 15 days. The whole thing was quite an experience and it made me appreciate film all over again. Shot with a Nikon D810 using the Kessler TLS system and a Second Shooter.”

70MM of Hateful from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.



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