Wang Theatre, Boch Center :: Boston, MA

The Town world premiere :: Fenway Park, Boston, MA

“The Spectre premiere ... was absolutely amazing, and the projection was impeccable.”
– Ana María, Exhibitor Relations, Sony Pictures Releasing Mexico
Stage Background

Barbie Premiere Delights Moviegoers ::

Boston Light & Sound® Delivers One-of-a-Kind Experience for Biggest Movie of the Year at Shrine Auditorium

When Warner Bros. Studio began planning the high-profile premiere of Barbie at the 6,500-seat Shrine Auditorium, they tapped long-time partner Boston Light & Sound (BL&S®) to manage the technical presentation and ensure it met the highest quality standards.


The BL&S team set to work immediately to help prepare the cavernous space for optimum visual and sound quality. Presenting a film properly in a historic space

Barbie premiere

that large can be challenging. To do so, BL&S installed a Dolby Atmos system and Dolby vision projection system, working with the production team and director to mitigate acoustical challenges in the room so that the audience could experience the film the way it was intended.


Supporting the Dolby vision projection system included meeting unique power requirements and providing special chillers for high-power laser equipment as well as specialty projection booth design and fabrication. BL&S installed its proprietary shaker screen system, which was designed to allow images of 70' wide or more to achieve ideal brightness specifications on large screens. This unique system reduces the “speckle” artifacts that occur with laser projectors on very large screens.


The team worked closely with Dolby and the audio and rigging vendors to implement a speaker layout that would deliver audio coverage to Dolby Atmos specifications across the vast seating area. To deaden the sound in the large balcony area, the team positioned extra-large acoustical fabric.


The details paid off. The client was thrilled with the premiere. “The audience reaction was amazing, and being in that room with thousands of people seeing the biggest movie of the year for the first time was truly special,” said Cinema Installation & Production Services Department Manager Sean McKinnon.





1923 Premiere ::

When Paramount Plus and Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) partner K2 Imaging faced a two-week deadline over the Thanksgiving holiday to host a high-profile series premiere at the Wynn Encore Theatre Las Vegas, they turned to BL&S. A long-time partner of K2 Imaging during the annual Tribeca Film Festival, BL&S served as a one-stop shop for technical services, custom screen design, sound system selection and installation, logistics, and labor needed to produce the event.


Providing the right audio equipment to cover the entire 1,496-seat theatre

1923 premiere

(Photo: K2 Imaging)

was a significant undertaking. Due to the unique design of the room and the seating capacity, it was challenging to provide speaker coverage for both the main floor orchestra and the under balcony as well as the balcony itself. In a conventional theatre, the speakers are typically aimed for one seating section whereas here there were three. In addition, the stage had a 44'-wide stage opening, so the movie screen would need to be custom built for the space.


Thanks to its previous collaboration with speaker manufacturer L’Acoustics, BL&S was able to obtain a 3D model of the theatre to help with arranging the 5.1 surround sound system components in the appropriate places. The BL&S team immediately began preparing for the big event, building and testing all the sound racks, amplifiers, and L’Acoustic line arrays, and designing a custom 2:1 ratio high-contrast screen with MDI digital view at their Boston shop before shipping the equipment across country for installation.


The team flew to Las Vegas and began preparing the theatre first thing in the morning before the big event and had the venue show-ready by the next afternoon. The event was a success, and the client was thrilled with the picture and sound quality.



1923 premiere - raising screen



Once Upon a Time in Hollywood World Premiere ::

Quentin Tarantino shot Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 35mm, and intended it to be shown in 35mm in theatres. Based on the Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) team’s work on the 70mm film presentation of The Hateful Eight, Sony Pictures hired the for the world premiere of Tarantino’s latest film at the TCL Chinese Theatre as well as two small multiplexes in the area.


A near impossible task

“We were contacted on the 4th of July weekend with a request to equip the theatres by July 22,” says BL&S President Chapin Cutler.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Los Angeles premiere - test screen

“We love a challenge, so we jumped on board!”


Having been the technical advisor at the TCL Chinese Theatre for the TCM Film Festival for the past 10 years, the BL&S team knows the facility extremely well. Due to the tight timeframe for the film premier, BL&S needed to build a full working system in Boston and then ship it to the west coast for installation within a matter of days. To ensure against any downtime, the team also built a live, redundant backup so they could automatically switch over to a new system in case of any issue with the original equipment. “We literally had a week to put the equipment together. Then a week into the planning, we got a call that the organizers wanted us to handle two other auditoriums, including one that had a 35mm projector that hadn’t been run for two years,” said Cutler.


A cross-country journey

When the BL&S trucks left Boston on July 15, they were equipped for running three auditoriums. The theatres were still running regular programming as well as a film festival, so the premier setup work needed to be done during off-hours. The 25-person BL&S crew arrived at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning before traffic backed up, and hand carried the heavy gear into the projection booth for installation. Eight BL&S technicians worked to ensure all the equipment was installed and configured seamlessly. This involved shipping out special lenses; bringing in cinema processors, radio mics, lighting, and masking; working with the director of photography to meet their exact specifications; and carefully setting up the projection equipment in a tight timeframe. Each piece of equipment had to be carried from the curb up a narrow, curved staircase and up a ladder into the control booth.


A growing project

At the same time, Sony Pictures asked BL&S to also handle a special preview of the movie that weekend at the iconic Cinerama Dome. BL&S brought in a technical team, had the 35mm prints made up, and supervised the show. In addition, BL&S was asked to oversee another screening of a 70mm print of The Hateful Eight at the Cinerama Dome.


The hard work paid off, and everything went off without a hitch. “The production company was delighted with the results,” Cutler said.


By Tuesday morning after the shows, BL&S had moved all its equipment out and restored the theatres back to their standard configuration, ready to show their regular content.


A fantastic feeling

“The beloved animator Chuck Jones once commented that any great endeavor requires two elements – hard work and a lot of love,” said Cutler. “In the end, only the love should show. When a show goes off well, there’s a magnificent, almost spiritual feeling. There was so much excitement about the film, and when you see an audience lose themselves in a great piece of cinema, that’s very rewarding.”




Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Los Angeles premiere - poster


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Los Angeles premiere - exterior


Only the love should show

“The beloved animator Chuck Jones once commented that any great endeavor requires two elements – hard work and a lot of love. In the end, only the love should show. When a show goes off well, there’s a magnificent, almost spiritual feeling. There was so much excitement about the film, and when you see an audience lose themselves in a great piece of cinema, that’s very rewarding.”


— BL&S’s Chapin Cutler

Avengers: Endgame World Premiere ::

Avengers: Endgame World Premiere behind screen Client: Walt Disney Studios
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles
Key Services and Technology: In partnership with Oligopy Productions, BL&S provided a portable Dolby Vision shaker screen designed for 3-channel Dolby ATMOS.
Avengers-Endgame World Premiere Title Screen


A Star is Born World Premiere ::

Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) was proud to work with Warner Bros. and Dolby Laboratories to present the U.S. Premiere of A Star is Born. The event took place at the iconic Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in September, 2018, featuring high-definition, ultra-high dynamic range Dolby Vision projection and Dolby ATMOS sound reproduction systems. Director Bradley Cooper chose the Shrine location as the venue for some of the film’s concert scenes, and he wanted the premiere to have the look and feel of a rock concert as well.


As the lead contractor for the event, BL&S provided the entire

A Star Is Born Los Angeles premiere

infrastructure for the show, including the sound system, temporary projection booth enclosure, power distribution and screen. BL&S worked closely with Steve Oliker from Oligopoly Productions, a longtime associate and experienced event producer within the entertainment industry.


BL&S and Dolby previously collaborated for the premiere of to Warner Bros.’ Batman V Superman at Radio City Music Hall in March 2016. Beginning with Batman V Superman, BL&S designed and prefabricated a screen system that included the necessary vibration inducing screen shakers required for laser projection on a high gain screen. The system, also used for the premiere of A Star is Born, includes over 85 pads, each moved by a small solenoid driven by a control/driver system. Each pad’s location is precisely set using parameters as defined by Dolby’s engineering group; each is precisely positioned and its frequency tuned each time the screen is set up. The huge 30' x 70' screen and frame has to be installed and removed very quickly.


BL&S Production Manager Jon Newlander directed the production, assisted by newly appointed Los Angeles Business Development representative, Lori Harris.



A Star Is Born Los Angeles premiere screen


Stronger World Premiere ::

When Director David Gordon Green decided where to premiere his film Stronger, it was at a place that had a great deal of meaning: The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, which is where Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman and many others gained the inspiration and worked tirelessly to move forward after the attack.


Spaulding hired Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) – the only company in the region with expertise in D cinema production – to transform the rehab center into a theatre. BL&S built a theatre from scratch. The BL&S team

Stronger premiere at Spaulding Rehab screen

handled everything, including hiring a staging company, collaborating with the studio’s technician, carefully installing and calibrating the digital cinema projector, bringing 300 chairs from the Wang Center up the freight elevator, adding drapes and carpet to block out light and sound to ensure optimum presentation quality, and more.


Based in Charlestown, Spaulding was thrilled to be able to give the local community, as well as patients, staff, and donors the opportunity to screen the film. They were extremely happy with the premiere.


View a timelapse video of BL&S’s set up for this Boston premiere at The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. WBZ-TV's Lisa Hughes reports.



Stronger premiere at Spaulding Rehab audience seats




Batman V Superman World Premiere ::

Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) was thrilled to be selected by Warner Bros. to present the New York City premiere of Batman V Superman at the famed Radio City Music Hall in March of 2016. The technical aspects of the premiere were inaugural for everyone involved as it was the first time that the Dolby Vision laser projection system was used in a temporary premiere set up. The technical set up for this system is extremely delicate, taking more than 12 hours just to calibrate the projectors, which use laser modules to provide excellent contrast for digital cinema.


Batman V Superman Radio City premiere screen

Along with the Dolby Vision system, BL&S brought in a full Atmos sound system to complete the full audio and picture presentation. Another unique characteristic of the job was that the 30' x 70' screen provided by BL&S had to be shaken constantly by 89 pads, each moved by a small solenoid driven by a control/driver system. Since the position of each pad was precisely prescribed and the screen and frame had to be installed and removed speedily, BL&S engineers designed and fabricated a system of extra screen trusses and group mounting assemblies to allow relatively quick installation by the IATSE Local 1 stage crew.


After installation of the screen, an unexpected situation arose: the large volume of airflow from the auditorium to the stage house pushed the screen surface upstage due to house ventilation and lobby doors opening. This caused the screen structure to press against the frame, making the pads visible. BL&S developed a solution on site using blowers and ducts, and repositioning certain structures installed by the stage crew to good effect. BL&S also provided a custom temporary balcony projection booth as well as a backup projection system using a Barco 32b digital cinema projector.


Batman V Superman premiered in New York City on March 20th, 2016. The final result of the premiere team’s hard work and ingenuity was superb.


Batman V Superman Radio City premiere screen - lift


Batman V Superman Radio City premiere screen - back


Batman V Superman premiere Radio City Music Hall marquee



Spectre Premiere in Mexico City ::

Sony Pictures International enlisted Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) in August 2015 to screen the North American premiere of the latest James Bond film, Spectre. The premiere was to be held at the Auditorio Nacional, one of the largest and most popular auditoriums in Mexico. Due to the city’s popularity, the most immediate challenge for BL&S was finding both a date to screen the premiere, as well as dates to access the venue to set up and test equipment prior to the premiere.


BL&S’s deep experience with premieres and festivals around the world

Spectre world premiere in Mexico City

proved invaluable to the event’s success. Over the course of three trips, including a dry run in mid-October, BL&S navigated logistical and technical challenges inherent to presenting such a high-profile event, all while managing the project across two languages. The team brought in two Barco 4K 32B Digital Cinema projectors and DoReMi servers, working with the house to optimize their existing screen. An additional sound system was brought in to fulfill the Dolby 7.1 mix. The BL&S team prepared overnight and all day of the premiere to ensure the best possible presentation.


Spectre premiered on November 2nd, 2015 on Mexico’s national holiday – Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.”  The timing and location of the premiere in Mexico City was tremendously important to residents, as the opening sequence of the film takes place in Mexico City on Day of the Dead. During the film’s production, filming closed down many streets in the heavily congested city for several weeks. Needless to say, locals were thrilled to be part of the premiere. The red carpet was one of the most elaborate BL&S has seen, using many set pieces as décor to create a fitting entrance for the spectacular event.




Spectre world premiere in Mexico City


Spectre world premiere - Day of the Dead dancers in Mexico City


Absolutely amazing

“Thank you for your support for the Spectre premiere. It was absolutely amazing, and the projection was impeccable. Auditorio Nacional calls the premiere the biggest, most important event they’ve had in the history of the venue in terms of size, red carpet, media coverage and attendees. All we’ve heard are great comments, and this would not have been possible without you.”


— Ana María, Exhibitor Relations, Sony Pictures Releasing Mexico


The Town Movie Premiere at Fenway Park ::

Since part of the Warner Brothers crime thriller the Town is set in Boston’s Fenway Park, director and actor (and die-hard Red Sox fan) Ben Affleck was intrigued with the idea of premiering the movie in digital cinema in the park. This was no easy feat, but Warner Brothers knew who to tap for the complex job. They brought in Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S), known in the industry for delivering stellar film presentation in unusual settings. “We actually like going into places where people think you can’t do a good job showing a movie, and Fenway Park was one of those,” says BL&S’s Chapin Cutler.


The Town premiere at Fenway - audience

Turning a ballpark into a cinema

Transforming a portion of the almost 40,000-seat ballpark into an intimate movie theatre setting is a complicated, multifaceted process. BL&S needed a presentation screen that would withstand the elements and highly unpredictable weather in Boston. They also needed to ensure high quality audio in a notoriously difficult environment.


Keep off the grass: Preparing under pressure

The BL&S team had an extremely tight window of time to install, tune, and test the digital cinema equipment. Between the city’s noise ordinances and concurrent events being hosted at Fenway Park up until the evening of the screening, there were few opportunities to validate the audio system performance prior to the event. Moreover, the team faced an unusual quandary in bringing heavy projection and audio equipment in for the event: they weren’t allowed to touch the grass.


Specialty audio equipment installation

BL&S conducted several pre-site visits to determine the structural load, and the logistics involved with moving equipment in and out of the park according to the organization’s guidelines. BL&S then set out to find the right equipment for the venue. They partnered with Gulf Coast Sound, who helped engineer the Dolby 5.1 sound system designed to cover 2,000 seats of the park.


Outdoor film presentation

To present the film in this outdoor setting, BL&S installed a 22x50-foot screen over the visitor’s dugout facing the ballpark seats. They designed the screen structure with special dark-colored material that promotes air flow so it wouldn’t blow over in high wind, and created the optimum film presentation environment by blocking out extraneous light and the surrounding buildings from view.


A unique cinematic experience

The team’s creativity and diligence paid off. 2,000 lucky people walked into Fenway Park that beautiful September night to a real treat. The movie looked and sounded extraordinary. BL&S produced crisp audio and images of the action-packed film, becoming the first known company to present a film premiere at the historic park. “One scene where a minivan was blown up sounded so real it practically shook the park,” says a Boston Light & Sound production staff member.


The Town premiere at Fenway - dusk


The Town premiere at Fenway - setup


The Town premiere at Fenway - setup


Doing the impossible

“We actually like going into places where people think you can’t do a good job showing a movie, and Fenway Park was one of those.”


— BL&S’s Chapin Cutler


Screening films in improbable locations ::

For more than 40 years, Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) has had the opportunity to present festival quality movies in the most unusual locations around the world — from a wharf in Qatar to a boulevard outside the Colosseum in Rome to California’s Universal Amphitheatre. Festival managers, technical directors, film directors, and event producers trust BL&S to design and integrate screening spaces of all kinds to their exacting standards for movie premieres, film festivals, post-production review rooms, product reveals, and special screening events.

Doha Tribeca Film Festival wharf screen


World Premiere and Screening Highlights ::

Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) has lent their project design and staging expertise to some of the world’s most high profile movie premieres and screening events. Recent premieres, previews and screenings include:


World Premieres:

BARBIE - Warner Bros. (Los Angeles, CA)
1923 - Paramount Plus (Las Vegas, NV)
JUNGLE CRUISE – Disney (Disneyland, Anaheim, CA)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD – Sony Pictures (TCL Chinese Theatre,

The Fate of the Furious world premiere, Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY

Hollywood, CA)
AVENGERS: ENDGAME – Walt Disney Pictures (LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA)
A STAR IS BORN (US Premiere) – Warner Bros (Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA)
STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – Walt Disney Studios (Shrine Auditorium,
Los Angeles, CA)
STRONGER – Lionsgate (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston, MA)
DETROIT – Annapurna Pictures (Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI)
DUNKIRK – Warner Bros (AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, NYC)
DESPICABLE ME 3 - Universal (Los Angeles, CA)
WONDER WOMAN - Warner Bros (Pantages Theatre,
Los Angeles, CA)
CARS 3 - Walt Disney Pictures (Anaheim, CA)
FATE OF THE FURIOUS - Universal (Radio City Music Hall, NYC)
BOSTON: THE DOCUMENTARY - (Boch Center, Wang Theatre, Boston, MA)
PATRIOTS DAY - Lionsgate (Boston Premiere, Boch Center, Wang Theatre)
DEEP WATER HORIZON - Summit Entertainment (New Orleans, LA)
JASON BOURNE - Universal Studios (Colosseum, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV)
SECRET LIFE OF PETS - Universal Studios (Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center, NYC)
BATMAN V SUPERMAN (US Premiere) - Warner Bros (Radio City Music Hall, NYC)
RIDE ALONG 2 - Universal Studios (Miami, FL)
HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 - Lionsgate (Microsoft Theatre, LA, CA)
SPECTRE (Premiere of the Americas) - Sony Pictures (Auditorio Nacional,
Mexico City, Mexico)
BLACK MASS (US Premiere) - Coolidge Corner Theatre (Brookline, MA)
STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON - Universal Studios (Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)


Previews & Screenings:

HAUNTED MANSION - Disney (New Orleans, LA)
LITTLE MERMAIN - Disney (Atlanta, GA)
PREY - Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
DARBY AND THE DEAD - Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
SUBDIVISION - Disney (Ocoee, FL)
ANT MAN: QUANTUN REALM - Disney (WGA, Los Angeles, CA)
VOICES RISING - Disney (Grammy Museum, Los Angeles, CA)
BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER - Disney (Palm Springs Film Festival, Palm Springs and Beverly Hills, CA)
AMSTERDAM - Disney (Nashville, TN, Los Angeles, CA, Santa Barbara, CA)
TURNING RED - Disney (Santa Monica, CA)
WEREWOLF BY NIGHTS - Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
PILGRIM - Disney (Washington, DC)
BLACK FLAME - Disney (Calabasas, CA)
AVATAR 2 - Disney (Tysons Corner, VA, Denver, CO, Silver Springs, MD, Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA)
LIGHTYEAR - Disney (Atlanta, GA)
DR STRANGE - Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
TURNING RED - Disney (Castro Theatre, San Francisco, CA)
DEATH ON THE NILE - Disney (McLean, VA)
WEST SIDE STORY – Disney (Castro Theatre, San Francisco, CA)
RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON – Disney (Aero Theatre, Santa Monica, CA)
NO WAY HOME – Disney (El Capitan, Hollywood, CA)
ENCANTO – Disney (McLean, VA)
ETERNALS – Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
LUCA – Disney (Savannah, GA)
FREE GUY – Disney (Boston, MA)
SPIRIT UNTAMED – Dreamworks (Great Barrington, MA)
CROODS 2 – Dreamworks (Great Barrington, MA)
WENDY – Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
THE PHOTOGRAPH – Universal Studios (Atlanta, GA)
TIMMY FAILURE – Disney (Philadelphia, PA)
PEANUTS – Disney (McLean, VA)
UNDERWATER – Disney (Los Angeles, CA)
THE MANDALORIAN – Disney+ (San Francisco, CA, Miami Beach, FL)
FORD VS FERRARI – 20th Century Fox (Vancouver, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Houston, St. Helena CA, Chapel Hill DC)
HARRIET – Focus Features (Comcast screening in Philadelphia, PA)
QUEEN & SLIM – Universal (Underground Museum screening in Los Angeles, CA)
AD ASTRA – Disney (Los Angeles, Washington DC)
ABOMINABLE – Universal (Toronto International Film Festival)
MALEFICENT 2 – Disney (Silver Springs, MD)
JOJO RABBIT – Disney (Los Angeles)
US – Universal Studios (Howard University, Washington, DC)
ALADDIN – Walt Disney Pictures (Silver Spring, MD)
AVENGERS: ENDGAME – Walt Disney Pictures (USC, Los Angeles, CA)
CAPTAIN MARVEL – Walt Disney Pictures (Arclight Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, McLean, VA)
WELCOME TO MARWEN – Universal Studios (Atlanta, GA)
MARY POPPINS RETURNS – Walt Disney Pictures (Easthampton, NY, Vienna, VA, Los Angeles, CA)
SNOWY OWL – Walt Disney Pictures (Writers Guild Screening, Los Angeles, CA)
RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET – Walt Disney Pictures (Minneapolis, MN)
HALLOWEEN – Universal Studios (Toronto International Film Festival, Mt. Pleasant, SC, Winston-Salem, NC)
FIRST MAN – Universal Studios (Toronto International Film Festival, Plano, TX, Washington, DC)
GREEN BOOK – Universal Studios (Toronto International Film Festival, Chapel Hill, NC, Boston, MA)
NIGHT SCHOOL – Universal Studios (Dallas, TX)
ANTMAN VS WASP – Walt Disney Studios (New Orleans Conv Ctr)
INCREDIBLES 2 - Warner Bros (Washington DC, Dedham, MA)
IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK - Annapurna (Brooklyn, NY, Paramus, NJ)
TRUTH OR DARE - Universal (Charlottesville, VA)
PITCH PERFECT 3 – Universal Studios (Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA)
THE VIETNAM WAR – (NE Center & Home for Veterans, Boston, MA)
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE – Universal Studios (Atlanta, GA,
Newseum, Washington DC)
DESPICABLE ME 3 - Universal (Aspen, CO)
PATRIOTS DAY - Lionsgate (Regal Cambridge, MA)
SING - Universal Studios (Toronto Film Festival, Toronto, Canada)
KEVIN HART: WHAT NOW - Universal Studios (Tigard, OR, Las Vegas, NV)
JASON BOURNE - Universal Studios (Boise, ID, Oklahoma City, OK)
SECRET LIFE OF PETS - Universal Studios (Aspen, CO)
POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING - Universal Studios (Atlanta, GA,
Columbus, OH)


Location Shoots, Dailies:

OPPENHEIMER - Director Christopher Nolan, Universal Studios (Ghost Ranch,
Abiquiu, NM)
DUNKIRK (70mm) - Director Christopher Nolan, Warner Bros (Los Angeles, CA)
THE HATEFUL EIGHT (70mm) - Director Quentin Tarantino, Weinstein Co (Telluride, CO)
BOARDWALK EMPIRE (Process Shot) - Director Martin Scorsese, HBO (New York, NY)
SHUTTER ISLAND - Director Martin Scorsese, Paramount (Boston, MA)
27 DRESSES - Director Anne Fletcher, Fox 2000 (Pawtucket, RI)
THE GAME PLAN - Director Andy Fickman (Boston, MA)
LADY IN THE WATER - Director M. Night Shyamalan, Warner Bros (Levittown, PA)
THE DEPARTED - Director Martin Scorsese (New York, NY; and Boston, MA)
THE PRODUCERS, THE MOVIE MUSICAL - Director Susan Stroman (Brooklyn, NY)
TERMINAL - Director Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks (Quebec, Canada)



“It’s amazing what happened here tonight… I could lick the color off the screen!”


— Julian Schnabel, Miral Director

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