Wang Theatre, Boch Center :: Boston, MA

Film reels at BL&S warehouse :: Boston, MA

“I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with the image and the sound. THANK YOU... at every step of the way... Thank you.”
– Pasquale C. Del Villaggio, Director of Production/ Technical Director, Austin Paramount Theatre
Stage Background

In 1977, Chapin Cutler and Larry Shaw launched Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) to deliver high-quality projection for on-location dailies. From their very first project, they set out to achieve the impossible: turning a small motel room into a first-class screening facility that could be removed without any damage to the room. Larry and Chapin worked for four days straight, installing projection gear in a non-conventional way to resolve the room’s maddening image and sound challenges. Their work paid off; the movie’s producer proclaimed it the best projection he’d ever seen, even in a Hollywood screening room.


From there, Larry and Chapin were captivated by the idea of carrying movie presentation to the extreme. Over the years, they honed their craft, gaining a reputation for exemplary workmanship. They became technical experts in the film community, serving the projection needs of everyone from small independent cinemas to international film festivals and world premieres.


Today, BL&S’s success continues through the company’s absolute insistence on the best quality. “It cannot be done” is not in their vocabulary. For especially complex jobs, BL&S engineers design and build specialty projection equipment in their on-site machine shop.


With the addition of a sound division in 1984, BL&S brought their trademark craftsmanship to audio installations. Today, the company’s audiovisual engineers provide venues around the world with the opportunity to produce exceptional sound and image clarity. The pro-AV team has also supported some of the country’s most remarkable theatre renovation projects, integrating high-quality audiovisual equipment perfectly with theatre aesthetics.


More than 40 years of expertise in the film presentation and pro-AV industries has earned BL&S a position as one of the nation’s leading entertainment technology consultants.

Napoleon triptych

Worldwide screenings of Napoleon – triptych


Chapin Cutler at TCM Film Festival - Photo by Chas Phillips

BL&S’s Chapin Cutler tests vintage projector at the TCM Classic Film Festival More here

(Photo – Chas Phillips)


Colorful Kinoton projector

Kinoton projector at BL&S