Wang Theatre, Boch Center :: Boston, MA

Coolidge Corner Theatre :: Brookline, MA

“Projection and audio are big investments, but it’s been a HUGE improvement for us. People sure do notice the difference.”
– Erin Wilson, Theatre Director, Wealthy Theatre
Stage Background

United Theatre, Westerly, RI ::

Originally built in 1926 as a single-screen movie palace, the United Theatre in Westerly, RI was renovated into a community center for live performances, performing and visual arts, arts education, as well as a state-of-the-art three-screen cinema.


The General Contractor R. Keough Construction Inc. hired Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) to work with consulting firm Cavanaugh-Tocci on the design and installation of the cinema/performance spaces and digital cinema systems. Due to the compact nature of the space, there was no room for traditional projection

United Theatre - prepping for an event

booths, so all the 4K NEC laser projectors had to be installed in enclosures in the ceiling in the back of the auditorium. This also involved developing remote control capabilities to make it possible to run movies from a central control room or from a tablet. BL&S selected projectors with RGB Laser light sources that can last up to 20 years without being changed, making them ideal for a boothless installation.


The installation included three cinema systems, a black box theatre AV system, lobby music and displays run by QSC Q-Sys Core 510s in a fully redundant setup, Dolby IMS 3000 Digital Cinema Servers, and cinema loudspeaker systems from QSC. The project also included a full performance sound system, including line array speakers from Fulcrum Acoustics with specialty custom rigging by Polar Focus, a Yamaha CL-3 mixing console, and ULX-D wireless mics from Shure. Alternative content video switching and distribution was provided by a building-wide Crestron DM System. This configuration implemented by BL&S gives the theatre the flexibility to support everything from 4K digital cinema sources to 1080P HD video to legacy composite video. In addition, the new Dante digital audio over IP network makes it possible to send or receive sound to any location through the building.


The equipment selection and attention to detail paid off, and theatre owners were very pleased with the results. “Everyone has been blown away by the picture and sound quality,” said Creative Director Tony Nunes.



Learn more about the project in this Fulcrum Acoustics case study.


United Theatre - back of house


United Theatre - racks


United Theatre - marquee



“Blown away by the quality”

“Everyone has been blown away by the picture and sound quality.”

— Tony Nunes, Creative Director, United Theatre


Nantucket Drive-In Theatre ::

Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) has been working with the Dreamland Theatre and its nonprofit foundation, the Nantucket Dreamland, since installing a state-of-the-art digital cinema system for its indoor theatre in 2012. To stay connected with patrons during the pandemic, Nantucket Dreamland set out to open a drive-in movie theatre on the island. However, they faced budgetary and timing constraints and needed a partner who could assist with the technical components of the project.


BL&S has a long history of designing outdoor screening systems around

Nantucket Drive-In Theatre - screen and stars

the world, and used this experience to find the right solution for their Nantucket partners. They worked together with Nantucket Dreamland to design a high-quality solution that would fit within their budget and that could be installed in time for opening day on July 1. This included:

  • Consulting on the screen layout and configuration
  • Providing guidance on constructing the projection booth
  • Installing a Christie digital cinema projector
  • Processing audio via a QSC Q-Sys audio system connected to an FM transmitter, so the sound could be played back the way it was intended and sound as good in their vehicles as it would in the cinema


BL&S also took several steps to help the Nantucket Dreamland save money on this endeavor. This included:

  • Repurposing one of the theatre's existing Dolby cinema servers
  • Selecting a digital cinema projector that would work with the available power on-site, since there would have been a significant cost involved with bringing more power to the field
  • Installing a Christie Digital CP-2220 Projector with a specialty lamp that is brighter than a normal 3,000-watt projector lamp, to achieve the same brightness at a lower cost


There were several challenges encountered along the way, including a late change of venue and a shortage of transmitters, but the BL&S team rose to the occasion and had a fully DCI-compliant system ready for the drive-in premiere date. The response from the community has been amazing, with the drive-in selling out every night.


The theatre plans to continue offering drive-in movies for many years to come, and is already looking into upgrading to Bluetooth-enabled audio later this season.



Nantucket Drive-In Theatre - booth


Nantucket Drive-In Theatre - screen




FilmScene ::

NEWS: Boston Light & Sound® and FilmScene create drive-in movie series The independent cinema world has been buzzing about the opening of the new FilmScene facility in Iowa City, Iowa. This spectacular venue is equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection systems, including 4K projection and a revolutionary sound system designed by Boston Light & Sound (BL&S). And thanks to refurbished, vintage 35mm film projectors, FilmScene is poised to screen archival film presentations.


Photo: David Greedy Photography – FilmScene exterior

(Photo: David Greedy Photography)

Early planning for theatre design

In the fall of 2016, FilmScene organizers began a conversation with BL&S to help with the technical and design elements of their unique cinema spaces. BL&S discussed the programmatic needs for each auditorium, including the planning and design of the cinema layout, seating, screen sizes, as well as a configuration for the projection room itself.


Upgrading 35mm film projectors

The BL&S team set to work determining the screen sizes, masking, and projection systems. “The plan from the very beginning was to install analog film projectors so the facility could run archival film materials,” said BL&S President Chapin Cutler. “We planned this system using a pair of Kinoton FP50 projectors, arguably the highest quality machines available in the current marketplace.”


Exceeding industry specifications

BL&S provided the design for the sound, digital cinema, and alternate content systems; these included “in-auditorium functionality” requested by the cinema developers. The design encompassed a high performance QSC sound system, cinema processor, and Q-Sys intraoperative control network. Both cinemas are set up for Dolby 7.1 audio reproduction. “Our goal with this system was to meet or exceed the specifications for proper Dolby digital cinema sound performance,” said Cutler. “We are focused on the quality of the results of each system, so we don’t necessarily choose equipment based on standard cinema technology. We choose components based upon performance, not based on what the catalog says should go into a cinema. We evaluate what would give the best results in exceeding industry expectations; our goal is even coverage and intelligibility throughout the room.”


Creating a predictive model

The shapes and sizes of the cinemas were slightly unusual, so BL&S utilized software models to identify every aspect of the space, including sightlines to the screen and acoustical treatments. Using the theatre schematics as a baseline, BL&S created a predictive model of the sound system elements and adjusted them in order to obtain the highest quality audio. “It’s a technical dance,” explained Cutler. “Sometimes that requires adding or changing speakers, choosing different amplifiers, or changing bass enhancement to get a full, rich feeling.”


“FilmScene had a specific design style they wanted to work with. It was our responsibility to assist them in maintaining presentation quality within their philosophy of how they wanted the facility to look,” Cutler said. “With our history of working in film production and festivals, we have a lot of experience with non-traditional spaces to make them work at the highest presentation level. This proved essential in working on this project.”


A fast-track installation

In the end, there was a tight timeframe for getting the equipment installed and properly tuned. The BL&S team worked closely with other trades, installing the equipment in the theatre’s two cinemas. The installation commenced the day after Labor Day 2019, and was completed in time for the opening of the Downton Abbey movie on September 20. “It was a very successful opening,” said Cutler. “In the end, the success of the project was totally dependent upon the FilmScene staff and administration, the architect, trades, and engineers. In all projects we undertake, we are a part of a team that has a common goal; good communication is the key. But, in the end, it is the experience of the patrons that matters. And, that is what guides our philosophy in presentation quality.”


Read more about the Film Scene opening.



FilmScene crew and screen


Photo: David Greedy Photography – FilmScene opening

(Photo: David Greedy Photography)


FilmScene theatre interior



It is the experience of the patrons that matters.

“We are focused on the quality of the results of each system, so we don’t necessarily choose equipment based on standard cinema technology. We choose components based upon performance, not based on what the catalog says should go into a cinema. ... In the end, it is the experience of the patrons that matters.”


— BL&S’s Chapin Cutler


Tivoli Theatre ::

The historic 1,750-seat Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee was originally an opera house but it had a long history of being a movie theatre. To bring movies back to the theatre, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation hired Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) to custom design and install a 4k laser digital cinema projection system, an immersive surround sound playback system, stage rigging, and a 50-foot Strong-MDI Strongview Vista roll-down screen, which is one of the largest of its kind in North America. Laser digital cinema systems such as these can produce brighter images with a wider color gamut and they can significantly reduce maintenance costs, since they eliminate the need

Tivoli Theatre screen with streetscape

for costly lamp changes.


Solving acoustical challenges

The BL&S team brought expertise in producing high quality sound in reverberant spaces such as this. Doing so was particularly challenging in this case because there was no obvious place to hang speakers or speaker wiring. The BL&S team worked closely with site electricians to find creative pathways behind walls and around moldings. In this way, they were able to provide high-performance sound, without disturbing the aesthetics of the room.


In addition, the existing projection room had been used primarily for spotlights, so it needed retrofitting for digital cinema. To do so, BL&S provided a new port window to center the projection on the screen, and engineered a custom optical mirror system to accommodate the unusual projection angle.


Increasing theatre adaptability

Home to the Chattanooga Philharmonic, this active theatre space is primarily used for theatre productions and rock concerts, so they needed a versatile stage system that could be “pipe clean” for live events, and then reconfigured for movie showings as needed by stagehands. To facilitate this, BL&S encased the screen in a flying truss that can be lowered onto custom dollies and rolled away as needed, and built custom rigging so that the loudspeaker clusters could be re-installed back in the precise places they belong in to deliver optimal sound.


To further accommodate the empty grid requirement, the new screen’s side masking tracks, motor and carriers were integrated into the top of the screen case, so that only the curtains and cable disconnects would need to be removed and stored after movie showings. This helped minimize labor involved with converting from cinema presentations to live events.


After the installation was complete, the foundation held the Bobby Stone Film Series, named in honor of Chattanooga native and Tivoli Theatre Foundation Director Emeritus Bobby Stone, who brought an expert eye and passion for film. The new digital cinema experience received rave reviews from the foundation and movie patrons.



Tivoli Theatre screen


Tivoli Theatre pipe organ

Tivoli Theatre’s “Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ,” used for accompanying silent films and live productions


Tivoli Theatre projector

BL&S Audiovisual Engineer Sean McKinnon aligning the optical mirror systems for the severe projection angle




Dundee Theater ::

The Dundee Theater in Omaha first opened in December 1925, in the era of silent films. Following an incredible gift of property from the Sherwood Foundation in 2017, Film Streams took over ownership of the historic theatre, saving it from shuttering and embarking on an ambitious renovation and expansion project. Omaha’s longest-running cinema now features two screens: the historic 300-seat Peggy Payne Theater for feature films and the new 25-seat Linder Microcinema for more experimental art films.


Film Streams hired Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) to play a key role

Dundee Theater exterior

(Photo: Dan Schwalm/Alley Poyner Macchietto)

in the renovation, including installing new audio, film, and digital cinema systems for both theatres. For the Peggy Payne Theater, Film Streams wanted the ability to run dual 35mm film projectors as well as digital cinema. For the Linder Microcinema, they were looking for the option to run 16mm film and digital cinema.


Preparing the right acoustical properties

BL&S worked closely with the theatre’s architect to ensure that the theatres were acoustically correct. This involved constructing a sound-absorbing baffle wall behind the screen as well as specially designed wall cutouts where speakers could be installed. These extra steps vastly improve the intelligibility of movie dialogue.


Designing a custom film/digital cinema solution in a small space

The tight space of the Linder Microcinema projection booth made it impossible to install both film and digital equipment, so BL&S did what it does best: designing a custom solution from scratch. The BL&S team crafted a custom sliding track system made of steel tubing that would enable the theatre to easily switch between 16mm film and digital cinema. Through careful calculations, the team was able to create a system that a projectionist could use to elegantly move between the 16mm film and digital cinema, and ensure that the systems were placed in just the right spot in the theatre.


BL&S built the sliding track system at their shop in Brighton, MA, carefully packed it and transported it to Omaha, and installed it along with the rest of film, digital cinema, and audio equipment. This involved carefully bolting the track system to the walls so that it was suspended in air.


Installing world-class film, digital cinema, and audio systems

From the initial project kickoff, BL&S coordinated with the theatre’s general contractor and electricians, conducting site visits and synchronizing activities to keep the installation running smoothly and on time. The BL&S crew installed an array of equipment, including:

  • Barco digital cinema systems
  • Kinoton dual 35mm film projectors and Bell & Howell 16mm projector
  • QSC audio system, encompassing audio processing, screens, speakers, and surround speakers
  • Two new MDI projection screens
  • Accessibility systems, including:
      – Dolby Captiview Closed Captioning System
      – Dual Listen Technologies transmitters and accessories for hearing-
         impaired patrons and visual narration for visually-impaired patrons


Creating a splendid movie going experience

The Dundee Theater reopened in December 2017 to rave reviews from film aficionados. Film Streams has been extremely pleased with the presentation and sound in the new theatres. In addition, with the new accessibility equipment in place, the theatre is already compliant with new ADA guidelines to improve accessibility for visually- and hearing-impaired moviegoers.



Dundee Theater  interior 1

(Photo: Dan Schwalm/Alley Poyner Macchietto)


Dundee Theater  interior 2

(Photo: Dan Schwalm/Alley Poyner Macchietto)


Dundee Theater projector

(Photo: Scott Drickey)


Dundee Theater booth

(Photo: Scott Drickey)




Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre ::

The Lyric Theatre had long been a center of Harbor Springs, Michigan, featuring films since 1926. However, the theatre closed down in 1981. Roger Blaser had fond memories of seeing shows in the original theatre, and set out to build a new theatre one block away from its namesake.


As president of the Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre, Inc., Blaser gained community support and set the plan in motion. Creating a new theatre involved renovating a 100-year-old building that had once been a Packard dealership. The vision was to incorporate architectural features that were both historic and native to

Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre Starry Sky

(Photos: Scott Castelein, Lake Street Media)

northern Michigan.


When it came time to consider who would handle the audiovisual work for the new theatre, there was no question in the theatre owners’ minds that they wanted Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) to lead the charge. The BL&S team handled the complete fit-out, including the design and installation of the digital cinema projection systems, including alternate content capability, audio systems, and projection screens, as well as stage lighting and 4K digital cinema in the main auditorium.


Creating a dynamic, cultural venue

The Lyric Theatre programs include first-run films, documentaries, independent films, foreign films, and children’s matinees. The venue also is used for lectures as well as special acoustic performances.


Ensuring aesthetic integrity

The new theatre encompasses three screening rooms of different sizes and visual themes. In the main theatre, the elaborate décor includes a ceiling designed to represent the northern Michigan sky, featuring 13 constellations and 35,000 stars. Each of the three screening rooms features elaborate murals.


It was important for BL&S to install new projection and sound systems in a way that wouldn’t detract from the beauty of the interior. To do so, the BL&S team worked with the theatre owners to understand their vision, and designed the projection and sound components to fit seamlessly within the theatre.


Working remotely

BL&S coordinated the work from Boston, which added another element of challenge to the project. However, the team is accustomed to installing equipment in locations all around the world, and was not to be deterred. The team coordinated their schedules around tradesmen and the artists working in the theatre. They also pre-built and tested equipment in their in-house shop to ensure it worked properly before delivering it to the site.


Delivering exceptional results

The theatre owners were thrilled with the BL&S team’s work under a tight timeframe. They’ve received numerous compliments from supporters and fans about how elegantly BL&S designed the systems to work within this unique venue. Even better, they found it provides an outstanding cinematic experience.




Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre - from stage


Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre - left aisle


Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre - Train



Tampa Theatre ::

Boston Light & Sound® Finds Novel Solution to Digital Cinema Installation at Historic Tampa Theatre

The classic Tampa Theatre is a landmark in the Uptown District of Tampa,
Florida. Known for its Greek revival interior and pre-show Wurlitzer organ concerts, the theatre has been home to classic movies as well as periodic
live events.


The theatre owners wanted to add digital cinema capabilities to exhibit the new digital format movie releases, while maintaining their 35mm equipment

Tampa Theatre Casablanca

to show legacy prints. They faced several limitations, and needed a way to integrate the latest technology without taking away from the room’s ornate decor.


Additionally, there was limited space to incorporate digital cinema alongside the dual 35mm film projectors. The theatre was also looking for a creative way to make this upgrade in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption to their performance schedule.


Integrating digital cinema with 35mm film projection systems

To smoothly integrate digital cinema, the theatre hired Boston Light & Sound (BL&S) - a company well known for its innovative approach to designing and installing digital cinema and film projection systems.


BL&S faced an unusual challenge. The only way to conceal the digital projector was to install it in the existing projection booth, yet it was next to impossible to display digital cinema images through the small film port window. Since the booth is high in the balcony, the digital projector could not be tilted the same way the 35mm film projectors can.


Fortunately, the BL&S team found a creative solution. They installed a new Christie CP-2220 Digital Cinema projector, and created a periscopic mirror arrangement to reflect the digital cinema images from a mirrored lens onto the screen below. This way, they could incorporate digital cinema capabilities without making major changes to the room.


To optimize the picture quality, they also needed to prevent the mirror array system from vibrating. Any vibrations would cause jittery images on the screen. To keep images stable, BL&S fabricated a projector frame and affixed it tightly to the projector.


Improving audio quality

BL&S then installed a new, high directivity screen channel loudspeaker array behind the screen, precisely directing sound to every seat in the house, while minimizing reflected sound in an already reverberant auditorium. They enhanced the surround sound field, providing discrete channels that did not previously exist. To help keep the costs of the project down, they were able to use existing speakers for the bass, while replacing the mid- to high-range speakers that have more of a bearing on voice intelligibility. This provided 5.1 surround sound with improved audio quality.


Supporting multiple presentation types

To give the theatre added flexibility, BL&S installed an audio processor that is capable of accepting signals from everything from legacy analog AV sources to digital AV sources such as Blu-ray. The BL&S team also custom designed an input panel, making it easy to adapt to film festivals, corporate meetings, and community presentations. The system supports auxiliary or guest inputs, giving the theatre the flexibility to present nearly any input signal. For example, they can easily jack-in occasionally used sources such as HDCAM and rental decks, rather than purchasing expensive, yet seldom used equipment.


BL&S was able to install and configure the new equipment while keeping the 35mm film projectors running. This way, the theatre had no interruption in its show schedule during the digital cinema installation.


Rave reviews

The renovated theatre opened to rave reviews. Theatre owners and theatregoers alike were thrilled with the result.


Movie critic Steve Persall of the Tampa Bay Times exclaimed, “What their senses experienced was nothing the Tampa Theatre has offered before – no small feat for a place with such a storied past. Images on the screen were crisply detailed and vibrantly colored, without the faint flutter or scratches of film projection. [In the opening-night screening of Samsara] you could detect the fine-point richness of an Asian temple’s design, a sunset’s layers, or the wrinkles of a sleeping child’s fingers. Even better was the audio system, with speakers stationed behind the screen…aimed at seating areas with precision.”


Read more about the project in the Tampa Bay Times article “Historic Tampa Theatre goes digital beautifully”, and the Tampa Tribune article “Sounds, sights upgraded as Tampa Theatre goes digital.”


Tampa Theatre projection


Tampa Theatre stage


Our patrons are very pleased.

“Our patrons are very pleased. On opening night, it was a treat to speak with longtime Tampa Theatre attendees who were faithful to us over the years in spite of sub-par sound, and to hear them gushing in astonishment at the quality of the sound and picture. We can’t thank you enough for a terrific job.”


— John Bell, President & CEO, Tampa Theatre


Dreamland Theatre ::

Dreamland Theatre Becomes a Reality

One of only two theatres on the island of Nantucket, the original Dreamland Theatre was carefully deconstructed in 2009, preserving important historic elements. It was rebuilt in 2012 using some of its original characteristics while bringing the structure into the 21st century with state of the art technology and systems. The board of directors for the Nantucket Dreamland Foundation had a vision to bring digital entertainment and education to Dreamland while retaining its historic significance as one of America’s oldest theatres.

Dreamland Theatre interior


Designing presentation equipment in a historic venue

The facility includes the 318-seat Founders Hall, designed to provide everything from first-run movies to presentations, plays, and live musical performances; and the more intimate 100-person Studio Theatre, designed for smaller movie screenings (indies, documentaries and foreign films), as well as special events. The foundation turned to Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) to deliver exceptional audio and visuals that worked in harmony with the theatre’s historic architecture.


Finding inventive solutions to presentation challenges

The BL&S team enthusiastically signed on to the project, designing and installing digital cinema capabilities, presentation systems, a PA system, and more for the unique space. This would not be an easy project, however. BL&S had just two months to complete the installation work, with many physical constraints. Transporting all the equipment, tools, vehicles, and crew to the small island required a good deal of coordination. The team also needed to find inventive ways to fit new equipment into a small footprint. Additionally, they were performing the installation without the luxury of elevator service or permanent electricity. Not to be deterred, the BL&S crew hand lifted heavy equipment into the theatre. They then hired a crane so they could install a 400-pound screen on the second floor of the theatre.


Creating a versatile presentation space in Founders Hall

Founders Hall is designed to present everything from first-run movies to lectures, concerts, and more. The BL&S team installed a top-of-the-line Christie Digital Projector and Dolby 7.1 sound system to provide exceptional audio and visual experiences to theatregoers. To accommodate multiple format and presentation types, they custom designed and installed a motorized 24-foot wide screen and masking system, providing maximum versatility for the space.


Designing a unique digital cinema system for the Studio Theatre

This 1,932 square foot multi-function room serves as a second screening room for first-run movies in the height of the season and independent films year round. In addition, this room highlights the historic elements of the original Quaker Meeting House, including trusses, re-purposed floorboards, and original windows.


BL&S installed a new digital cinema system, a 17-foot motorized screen, as well as a full 5.1 surround sound system, mics, and associated equipment to accommodate various presentation types. Working around the theatre’s historic architecture required creative thinking. The theatre’s open beam ceiling meant equipment couldn’t be hidden there. To solve this problem, the BL&S team worked closely with theatre architects, designing a custom cabinet to house projection equipment and cables. They were able to provide advanced functionality in a way that seamlessly integrated with the theatre’s aesthetics.


A world-class cinema experience

The BL&S team’s hard work paid off, bringing presentation capabilities beyond what the Foundation expected. BL&S screened movies for Foundation members and theatre employees, giving them a preview of what was to come. All agreed that Nantucket’s Dreamland has been transformed into a world-class cinema.


Dreamland Theatre facade


Dreamland Theatre interior


Unconditional, collaborative support

“Boston Light & Sound contributed unconditional design, technical, and collaborative support from the outset. The Dreamland Theater is a thriving, multi-functional theater because of their work.”


— Jonathan Burkhart, Nantucket Dreamland Foundation Board of Directors


Coolidge Corner Theatre
Accessibility Improvements ::

To improve accessibility for visually- and hearing-impaired moviegoers, the Department of Justice ruled that movie theatres need to provide access to closed captioning and audio descriptions whenever showing a digital movie that was produced, distributed, or otherwise made available with these features. The ADA compliance ruling left many theatres unsure about how best to move forward with meeting the requirement to comply by 2018. Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline decided to take the lead on improving accessibility by partnering with Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S).

Coolidge accessibility - captions display


Coolidge Corner Theatre ::

One of Brookline’s treasured landmarks, the fully restored art deco movie palace has three distinctive theatres: the main 600-seat theatre for presenting independent films, classic revivals (including 70mm), and a
selection of world cinema; and a 250-seat stadium for 16 and 35mm films
as well as live musical performances and other special events; and two
video screening rooms.


The Coolidge’s theatre owners pride themselves on offering the best film presentation around, so when they embarked on a major upgrade

Coolidge Corner Theatre interior

of their cinema sound and projection automation systems, they chose Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) for the job. Installing equipment to support such diverse product can be challenging; each theatre had two projectors, so the automation systems and sound systems required customization.


The BL&S team installed and tuned state-of-the-art Dolby cinema sound systems in both theatres, enabling the Coolidge to present a wide variety of product and support live performances. Finally, they installed custom automation systems, enabling a projectionist to automatically run both theatres.


BL&S also assists the Coolidge with its special presentation needs. In June 2005, BL&S sponsored its first ever 3D film festival. “We consider this an opportunity to give something back to our client and our community,” said Chapin Cutler, principal of BL&S. “Besides, this is the fun part of what we do.”


“BL&S has brought our historic 1933 theatre up to the standards that our film audience wants and expects in today’s tough competition to survive in the movie industry,” said Joe Zina, Executive Director of the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation. “...we now offer a superior theatrical experience in picture and sound, thanks to the upgrades that BL&S designed specifically for our theater.”


Greenway outdoor film series - 2015

During the summer of 2015, BL&S served as Coolidge Corner's supporting partner, screening a 35mm print of The Birds for the theatre’s free film series on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. Learn more about the free screenings here. View the event video here.


Creating a new drive-in theatre - 2020

When shutdowns hit the Boston area in 2020 due to COVID-19, the theatre was looking for ways to continue to entertain audiences through film. Together with BL&S, they created a pop-up drive-in theatre in Medfield. In a matter of weeks, they were able to offer a drive-in movie series including new releases and classics, starting with Shutter Island. Additional screenings included Knives Out, Vertigo, E.T., The Thing and They Live. This gave moviegoers a way to enjoy films safely, and in style.



Coolidge Corner Theatre marquee


Coolidge at the Greenway


Coolidge pop-up drive-in theatre series - Medfield

A superior theatrical experience

“BL&S has brought our historic 1933 theatre up to the standards that our film audience wants and expects in today’s tough competition to survive in the movie industry. We now offer a superior theatrical experience in picture and sound, thanks to the upgrades that BL&S designed specifically for our theater.”


— Joe Zina, Former Executive Director, Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation

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