Wang Theatre, Boch Center :: Boston, MA

Film Reels – Sundance Film Festival :: Park City, UT

“BL&S was an ideal partner in realizing our goal to present the best possible projection. They provided the direction and services that we needed to launch our first-ever film festival.”
– Genevieve McGillicuddy, Managing Director of the TCM Classic Film Festival
Stage Background

Chapin Cutler, Principal and co-founder ::

An avid movie buff, Chapin Cutler dreamed of bringing true craftsmanship to the world of film presentation. He trained as a projectionist while attending college at Worcester Tech. “I was hooked by the SHOW,” he says, “There’s something exhilarating about watching an audience react to a film and know that I made it happen for them.”


Chapin earned degrees from Emerson College and Wentworth Institute in film and related engineering fields. After a stint in film production and technical management at Emerson and WGBH-TV’s film department, he and his business partner Larry started Boston Light & Sound (BL&S), which has been a passion ever since.


Larry Shaw, Principal and co-founder ::

Larry has worked with projection technology since his childhood. His youthful endeavors included repairing 16mm equipment, where he quickly saw the potential to improve upon film presentation technology.


Larry’s mechanical inclinations have served him well at BL&S, where he often handcrafts projection equipment for unique film presentations. “It’s not my nature to just watch some machine operate. I want to know what’s inside that makes it tick...It’s great when people come in with bizarre can’t-do ideas. If others have said something can’t be done today, we’ll build what we need and get it done.”


Larry apprenticed as a projectionist and stagehand followed by several years of freelance work before the creation of BL&S.


Zeke Zola, AV Systems Install Manager ::

Zeke has been with BL&S since 1984. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in technical theater, Zeke worked as an assistant technical director and later a concert producer for the City of Boston’s Neighborhood Arts Program. He then became the manager of a Boston sound rental company, where he worked until its acquisition by BL&S.


Away from the office, Zeke enjoys skiing with his son, jazz music, and foreign travel and culture.

Chapin Cutler, Principal and co-founder

Chapin Cutler, Principal and co-founder



Larry Shaw, Principal and co-founder, accepting award

Larry Shaw, Principal and co-founder, accepting the Scientific and Technical Academy Award



Zeke Zola, Manager, Pro-AV services

Zeke Zola, AV Systems Install Manager at Fenway Park